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Job hunting methods

Job Hunting methods are important tools to be known by any job seeking candidates. eduCBA brings you Job Hunting methods to help you in the interview seeking process. Following are the Job Hunting methods which you might want to try.

1. Job sites

Job Sites or Job Boards are the places where you can search or check the available job openings.

Job Hunting methods,..

Why Job Sites?

Job Sites give you an idea of the jobs available for your profile. For example, if you are looking for a Business Analyst profile, you can go to Simply Hired site and type keyword ‘Business Analyst’ and location ‘New York’ and press ‘Search All Jobs’ button and see the jobs available in your Country, State or City.

Check the result of this here.

Here’ the list of Job Sites/Job Board:


Simply Hired






2. Employer’s website

The second method for job-hunting is—visiting employer’s website and checking job openings.

Job Hunting methods

For example: If you are looking for a Business Analyst job, you should know the companies that offer such jobs. You can list the companies and visit their website periodically to check the jobs available.

Once you check and shortlist the job openings, you can fill an online application form or email your resume to the employer.


3. Social networking sites

Nowadays, companies are using social networking sites to check the prospective candidates to fill the job vacancies.

Job Hunting methods.

Social networking sites like LinkedInFacebook and Twitter are immensely popular for this.

If you have profile on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, you can connect to Simply Hired and see the contacts in your network that can introduce or refer you to these jobs.

Another popular site is Craigslist, where you can find the jobs available.


4. Offline networking

According to one research, 60% of jobs are never advertised and are filled through referrals.

Job Hunting methods..

You need to have excellent networking skills. Don’t underestimate the power of offline networking.

You can networking with co-passengers when you are traveling, with delegates in a conference that you are attending.

Another way of networking is meeting your friends, their friends, family friends and people in your community and tell them in specific detail about the job that you are looking for.

Use this method and see the results.


5. Newspapers

Newspapers are an excellent resource in job hunting. Read the news and you will know the companies that are recruiting.

Job Hunting methods...

Check the weekly edition of job supplement of national newspapers. Read here how to make use of this.

You can check online edition of leading national newspapers. See the jobs available in your city or town. If you are looking for industry specific job openings, check this.


6. Knocking employer’s door

If you take initiative and have right attitude, this strategy will work for you.

I myself have used this method effectively with great results.

How I did it?

First of all, I zeroed down the companies that worked in my functional domain. Then I made a list and visited HR managers of these companies with prior appointment. I gave my 2-minute elevator pitch.

It worked.

HR managers called me for an interview. I had three offers and accepted the best one.

This strategy works with small companies having 50-200 employees.

You too can use this strategy—study the company well, check whether it’s a WIN-WIN situation for you and the company and prepare your elevator pitch.


7. Employment agencies

Employment agencies or placement consultants work for big companies on sourcing assignments. These consultants work for many companies at a time for their recruitment.

The consultants are in touch with companies and know job vacancies available.

Their job is to search the right candidate for the job. So, they use a number of strategies to fill the vacancy. They use job sites, social networking sites and other headhunting techniques to check the right candidate.

You can approach these consultants offline or online and see the openings available.


8. Work for yourself

If nothing works, then you can polish your enterprising skills.

First, check what product or service your community needs. Check the competition, your knowledge and skills and of course your passion in that field before you start something.

Once you complete this exercise, start volunteering first and then slowly charge for your service. See the feedback of your clients and tweak your product/service accordingly.

There are a number of ways to be useful. Check how you can be useful and design your product/service based on this value proposition.


I am sure now that you know many ways of job hunting that others don’t. Use these ways and enjoy the first mover advantage and see the results.

HR Interview questions

eduCBA brings you HR Interview questions. Go through this questions before you go for an Interview

Do you have any questions for us?

  • Never say a no and always have a question ready, some of them could be
  • You can ask what the growth opportunities are
  • You can also ask whether the company encourages learning and development of employees
  • Ask whether the company has plans for expansion
  • You can also discuss your role in detail

Are you willing to work for long hours, if the project demands that from you?

  • Discuss situations when you must have done so to fulfill project requirements in the past

Are you planning to go for further studies?

Be transparent in your answer.

  • If you are pursuing further studies, say so. Tell them why you want to go for that course
  • If you are taking up a distance education course or a part time course, they should know, as you will need to take leaves when you appear for exams

Are you a good team player?

  • Companies look for team players as well as those who are self-starters and can work independently, so you need to be versatile:
  • You should show that you enjoy working in a team. Say that you are open to suggestions from team members and seniors.
  • It is always good to work in a team as one can get the support of other members and in times of crisis everyone can work together to achieve the goal. 

Tell us what you know about our company

  • Browse through the company website and make sure you know what the company does and make sure you do so in short.
  • Discuss the positives aspects of the company, the interviewer should feel that you have done your home work

Finance Interview Questions

edu CBA list down finance interview questions which could help you crack the technical round at various finance interviews.

1. What is Deferred Revenue Expenditure? Give some examples.

Deferred Revenue Expenditure is a type of expenditure which does not result into the acquisition of any fixed asset and the benefits from such expenditure is not received during the period which they are paid for. For example – Initial Advertisement Expenditure, Research and development Expenditure, Preliminary Expenses.

2. What is Contingent Liabilities?

Contingent liability is an obligation, relating to a past transaction or other event or condition, that may arise in consequence, as a future event now deemed possible but not probable. Thus such liabilities as may arise in future are called contingent liabilities. For example: guarantee to a bank for loan advanced to a third party, possible penalties, fines and penalties payable to the government or income tax authorities etc. Future losses from natural calamities are not contingent liabilities. They are not recorded in books of account. They do not appear on the liabilities side of the balance sheet. They are shown by way of a footnote at the bottom of the balance sheet.

3. Explain Explicit cost and Implicit cost.

Explicit cost is the cost which is external to the business like wage, rent and materials. It gives clear picture of the cash outflow from business which is used to decrease the end result of profitability. This directly affects the revenue of the company. Implicit cost is the result of one person who tries to satisfy his needs in search of an activity which gives no reward to him by money or another form of payment. It includes benefits and satisfaction. For example- goodwill. It is not counted in terms of money and it is indirect intangible cost.

4. Explain Earnings Per Share (EPS). How is it calculated? What is its significance?

Earnings per share (EPS) is the amount of earning per each share of a company’s stock. Companies require the EPS for their each income statement which shows about the continuing operations, discontinued operations, net income and outstanding items. EPS doesn’t depend on the increase or decrease of the earning power of the company and gets calculated over number of years. How is it calculated? Earnings per share ratio (EPS Ratio) is calculated by dividing the net profit after taxes and preference dividend by the total number of equity shares. It is a small variance of return on equity capital ratio. The formula of Earning per share ratio is given as:- “[Earnings per share (EPS) Ratio = (Net profit after tax - Preference dividend) / No. of equity shares (common shares)]” What is its significance? Earnings per share is a measure of profitability and it is viewed as the comparative earnings or the earning power of the respected firms. It is used from last four quarters but it can also be used to estimates the expected earnings of the next quarters as well.

5. Explain following bond types.

a) Floating rate bonds

Floating rate notes (FRNs) are the bonds which have a comparable ratio with the money market reference rate and they are also termed as variable coupon. It is made up of federal funds rate and spread which is the rate that remains constant. FRNs got the coupons where the holders can pay out the interest every three months and this is also called as quarterly coupons.

b) Zero coupon bonds

Zero coupon bonds is also termed as discount bond or deep discount bond which is been bought at a price lower than its face value which will be given back at the time of maturity. This type of bond doesn’t make payments of interest in periods. It has already been paid when the bond reaches to the maturity level and its investors are in great advantage of receiving huge about of sum equal to the initial investment Example includes U.S. Treasury bills. It is used or both long term and short term investments.

c) Deep discount bonds

It is also been explained above in the zero coupon bonds but this kind of bond is used to sell in discount from par value. In this the bond which is selling at a discount from par value has less rates of fixed income and securities then other bonds and it also has risk profile as well. This also contains the market price of 20% or more but it is below its face value. They are a bit riskier than other similar bonds. They are also termed as low-coupon bonds and are used in long term.

Finance Interview Questions

eduCBA brings you Finance Interview Questions, to help you know the probable questions and the ways to answer them during your finance interview

1. Why do businesses prepare financial statements?

Basically to know the two facts about the business the financial statements are prepared:

-Financial position of the business at any given point of time in financial terms

-Result of operations carried out by the business organization during specific period.


2. How can the analysis of financial statements be carried out?

There are two ways in which analysis of financial statements can be carried out:

- Internal Analysis indicates the analysis carried out by the management of the company to enable the decision making process. This analysis is carried out in the legal or statutory matters in which parties have the access to the books and records of the company. This is carried out in the legal or statutory matters.

- External Analysis indicates the analysis carried out by the creditors, prospective investors and other outsiders who do not have the access to the books and records of the company.


3. What techniques are used for the analysis and interpretation of financial statements?

The techniques used for the analysis and interpretation of financial statements are:

Ratio Analysis is a systematic technique of analysis and interpretation of financial statements i.e Profitability statement and Balance sheet with the help of various ratios so that the strengths and weakness and the financial position of the firm can be determined. This technique is not a creative technique as the information already given in the financial statements is used.

Funds Flow Analysis : is the analysis in which Funds flow statement is prepared in order to determine the sources and application of funds. Fund flow statement is commonly used in business plans and proposals to show investors about the flowing of their funds through the organization. This is not used in annual reports. It is used by bankers who want to know how borrowed funds will flow through company operations. It is used to show the management how the cash is flowing through the company operations.

Cash Flow Analysis is the analysis in which Cash Flow Statement is prepared which shows changes in inflow & outflow of cash during the period. Cash flow statement is an analysis tool used by large and medium scale companies for Inflow and Outflow of money during a particular period of time.


4. Explain share capital & reserves and surpluses.

Share Capital is that portion of a company’s equity that has been obtained by issuing share to a shareholder. The amount of share capital increases as new shares are sold to public in exchange for cash.

Reserves and Surpluses indicate that portion of the earnings, receipt or other surplus of the company appropriated by the management for a general or specific purpose other than provisions for depreciation or for a known liability. Reserves are classified as: Capital Reserve and Capital Redemption Reserve.


5. Explain miscellaneous expenditures & profit and loss account debit balance

Miscellaneous Expenditures are the incidental expenses which cannot be classified as manufacturing, selling, and administrative expenses. These expenses are not revenue in nature and hence shown in the asset side of the Balance Sheet and should be written off over a period of time. Example: Preliminary Expenses, Development expenditures and expenditure on raising of shares and debentures.

Profit and Loss Account debit balance: As per the business entity principle, owner is different from the business. Thus, the profit generated by the business belongs to the shareholders, and hence the business is liable to shareholders for the distribution of profits. In the same way, when loss is incurred in the business it is born by the owners. Hence, it is an asset for the business as it is a receivable from the owners.

10 MBA Interview Questions You Must Know!!!

eduCBA brings to you MBA Interview Questions that you must know before going for an interview. Go through the questions and prepare yourself to answer them

1. How would your colleagues describe you?

2. Give your view on Management.

3. What is your definition of success and Failure?

4. Do you know who our competitors are?

5. Do you feel that you are an organized person?

6. How do you manage your time?

7. We are a fast moving company and things are always changing, how do you think you will adapt in this environment?

8. What information do you need before making a decision?

9. How do you react to problems and how do you solve them?

10. Are you a risk taker or do you like to play it safe? Give reasons.

6 most common Interview mistakes

People always tend to commit some common Interview mistakes. we have tried to highlight the same and hope that you will not commit them.6 most common Interview blunders

Points to remember while Resume Writing !!!

edu CBA brings to some points to remember while resume writing. Resume is generally the first document that an employer would look at, so it serves as your first impression in the employment process. Follow the tips discussed below and prepare a great resume. All the Best!!!



Resume Cover letter

Resume Cover letter forms an important part of your resume writing. This article on Resume Cover letter highlights some important points for writing a Resume Cover letter.


A cover letter must always accompany the resume. In the opening paragraph adopt one of the following:

  • If you have been referred to a prospective employer, mention the contact by name.
  • If you are responding to a job advertisement, do mention from where you have learned about the opening. 

In the next paragraph

  • If you are responding to a job opening, mention your qualifications; how your skills are transferable and relate to the position applied for.
  • If inquiring about a job opening, mention how your skills can meet the Employer’s expectations.

In the concluding paragraph

  • Request for an appointment at a mutually convenient time.
  • Mention that references can be made available on request.

Must know Interview Questions

edu CBA brings to you the list of Must know Interview Questions with the correct approach of answering them. This will help you prepare well for your interview irrespective of the domain. All the Best!!

1) Tell About yourself or Describe yourself


2) What are your strengths?


3) What is your greatest weakness?


4) Why should we hire you?


5) Why do you want to work here?